Advanced / Restorative Dentistry
Welcome to W7 Referral

Our Restorative dentistry treatments encompass all the disciplines that dentistry has to offer in a joint dental team approach.

When restoring your mouth we always passionately believe in creating a natural looking result.

Whether we are matching to your existing teeth, or rejuvenating your smile, or even creating a new look that enhances the appearance of your teeth and smile, we always aim to create a result that provides harmony between the teeth, gums, lips and face.
Advanced restorative areas in which we accept patients

  • Advanced Crown & Bridge work
  • Advanced Tooth Veneer cases
  • Tooth Wear Case restoration
  • Precision Denture cases

At W7 we will complete an initial in depth assessment including your personal thoughts on the appearance & the investment you as the patient wish to undertake. We do this so that we can work with you to give the end result you desire.

After the assessments are complete, a detailed treatment plan will be produced to determine the best treatment pathway.

We make patients at W7 aware of the benefits, options and risks involved in order for you to understand how advanced dental treatment can restore your mouth.
Rest Assured you are in safe hands.

Owen, Jenni & Chris are renowned speakers and regular lecture and teach dentists  in all aspects of  dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. They also attend regular international advanced lectures on the chosen areas of special interest.

We believe this is why W7 is best placed to accept referrals for Advanced & Intricate restorative and cosmetic dental cases